December 2016
Sleepy Hollows readies “The 12 Days of Xmas – Sleepy Under the Covers” project…….The Hollows was founded in 2002 but quickly became known for its infamous “Thursday Night Sessions”, aka TNS, that originally consisted of various rappers meeting 1 night of the week to hang out, vibe & make music. What resulted was the underground classic compilation “Sleepy Hollows Presents…The Thursday Night Sessions”. Over the years as the studio matured, so did the sophistication of the music & instrumentation. Fast forward over a decade and a consistent stable of musicians is still keeping this weekly tradition alive. This year, the studio is releasing a video from every month of 2016 during the 12 days of Christmas to demonstrate the variety and flexibility of the studio and its resident “family” members. They are not a band. In fact, many didnt even know each other a year ago. They dont practice other than on Thursday nights and many dont even know the song till the night of. We pick a cover earlier in the week, get together and what comes out are captured on this video series that we’ve titled “Sleepy Hollows Studios Presents….The 12 Days of Christmas – Sleepy Under the Covers”. We hope you enjoy.

February 2016
Sleepy Hollows completes full re-wire…including in-wall XLR & CAT5 plates and Mogami cabling throughout the entire studio. Next on the list is to build a 4th isolation room which will be used primarily for guitar amps. Updated web pics and videos coming soon….

2015 Year End Update
Hope everyone had a great 2015. Here is what we’ve been up to and what’s next….

We finished our expansion project of our original booth to increase the space in our 3 iso rooms. We improved acoustic treatment and aesthetics to give you a better experience overall. We upgraded our analog gear, our DA conversion, our instruments etc. Oh yeah and we recorded a bunch of great projects from the likes of Ochos De Bestos (Latin Pop & EDM), Kingpin Slim (Hip Hop), Rylan Mahoney (Pop), Spit Dirty (Heavy Metal), Abigail Palmer Group (Folk), Along the Way (Pop Punk), Bo Jankans (Hip Hop), Robbie Taylor (Rock), Cousin Celsius and the Inspired Primitives (Rock), Lyquin (Hip Hop), Ricky Hage (Alternative), and Escape Point (Rock). We were also thrilled to record the instruments and sounds for the Sound Design Competition which shot a television pilot on Dec 12th. Really hoping it gets picked up. What’s next you ask? Oh not too much – just doing a full update to this website to include new pics and videos to show off all the improvement as well as music listed above as well as recording and releasing a bunch of new projects. 2016 is gonna be a great year at the Hollows! We hope its the same with you.

March 2015
Been a while since we had an update but that’s just because…a LOT has been going on! After wrapping various projects and acquiring more new gear, we will be shutting down the studio for a brief time in April in order to expand the size of our original iso room and thus increase space and functionality throughout the studio. New updates coming soon.

November 2014
Sleepy Hollows improvements mean…..better experience, better results!  We’ve spent the last few months not only updating this site, but the studio as well.  This means new mics, guitars, amps and mic pres.  For complete Equipment List see our Studio Page.  We’ve even spiced up the ambience – new pics coming soon.

September 2014
Welcome to our new site… Take a look around and let us know what you think. New projects coming soon!

July 2014
Updated website coming soon….new look & feel, new content. Check back soon.

March 2014
Sleepy Hollows records string quartet for Reston Documentary. “Another Way of Living: The Story of Reston, VA.” is a documentary currently wrapping production. The Hollows was pleased to be chosen to record the original score which was composed by Brian Scarbrough and features a string quartet and pianist. Due to be released in the summer of 2014 and submitted to multiple festivals, the film is directed by Peabody Award-winning filmmaker, Rebekah Wingert-Jabi.

January 2014
Sleepy Hollows wraps work on 2 new EPs. Recent projects recorded in the Hollows include Jay Burdens “Ded Wax” EP set to be released in March 2013 and Bo Jankans “MotorMouth” EP to be released in February. Sleepy Hollows couldn’t be more proud to be a part of projects from these 2 great artists. Be on the lookout for the Sleepy Hollows “Going Out Of Business” album coming soon.

August 2013
Sleepy welcomes our newest engineer. Jeff Hermilin. After leaving the infamous Stratosphere Sound studios in NYC where he had the pleasure of working with numerous Grammy award winning artists, Jeff has decided to return home to Herndon, VA. With a specialization in analog equipment and recording & mixing bands, we couldn’t be more pleased to add Jeff to the team.

September 2013
New Sleepy upgrades include mic pres from Universal Audio, an Avid Eleven Rack, 12 channels of headphone amplification and updated acoustic treatment throughout.

June 2013
Site Updates Coming soon! A new video for our home page and pics for our Studio page are being taken 6/18 that will show the newly expanded and improved space including live room, drum iso room and imporved control room and main vocal room. We cant wait to show it off so expect site updates soon!

March 2013
The Hollows has flooded! And not in a good way…..The entire studio flooded this past week. Luckily no sever damage was incurred. More luckily, we will be uilding back bigger and better. Plans incude the addition of wood floors throughout and updated equipment. New videos and pics to be added soon.

January 2013
The Grand (re)Opening of the Hollows took place on January 19th and….played host to new and old friends alike. Video of the event will be posted here soon.

December 2012
Sleepy Hollows brings on a new Engineer! To coincide with our physical expansion, Sleepy Hollows is proud to announce expanded hours, and skillsets, by way of adding professional engineer, Dan Charette Dan holds a BFA in Music Technology/Audio Engineering from the University of Michigan, and has over 10 years experience in professional studios, including the Smithsonian Institution, Blueroom Productions, Captown Records, The James and Anne Duderstadt Center of the University of Michigan, the Kass Media Group, So Cool Productions, Dan Charette LLC, and The Brookwood Studio. We’re thrilled to welcome Dan to the team at Sleepy Hollows!

October 2012
Sleepy Hollows expansion project is complete! After months of renovations and building the #NewHollows is accepting new clients as well as looking forward to recording with old ones again…Updated pictures and videos showing the new space are coming soon which include a live room complete with separate amp isolation box and its own drum iso room, new digital board and monitors in the control room and even an improved lounge with 55” flatscreen. Schedule your tour today!

June 2012
Sleepy Hollows begins expansion project to more easily facilitate recording bands. Additions will include updated equipment, a live room, drum iso room and amp isolation box. This will also allow for the Hollows to be used as rehearsal space. The studio will be shut down for a while but better than ever once done.

December 2011
Sleepy Hollows recording artist, Hasty Jadem, signs distribution deal with Tate Music Group. Sleepy Hollows is proud to be affiliated with Hasty as he is the second artist to come out of the Hollows to be signed to a distribution deal. Check out his website and music here.

November 2011
Sleepy Hollows is proud to announce our new service offering – CD & DVD duplication and printing! Did you just finish a project? Do you have a live show coming up and need promo merch to sell or pass out? Specializing in “short runs” of 500 copies or less, The Hollows utilizes the best in cd copier drives and thermal printing (wont smudge, fade or scratch like ink) to offer our clients affordable CD & DVD duplication and printing. The highest quality thermal printers allow us to put virtually any image on your CDs and DVDs in the utmost detail and precision to help you present a professional product every time. View our rates and turnaround times.

October 2011
Sleepy Hollows wraps up the highly anticipated “Island Rocker” LP from Akshan. After over a year of recording with radio play on Washington D.C.’s HOT 99.5, VA’s own creator of I-brid music is poised to drop his debut album featuring exclusive production from Arsonal (Wale, Raheem DeVaugh, Tabi Bonet) and guest appearances from likes of songstress and Youtube songstress and Wyclef protégé – Laura Song. Visit our Affiliations Page to learn more about Akshan and Laura Song.

August 2011
Sleepy Hollows records the debut EP for reggae band The Dub City Renegades. Poised to make a mark on the national reggae scene, Fairfax, VA’s own DCR chose the Hollows to record their debut project which is currently being mixed by infamous dub engineer Matty O. out of Atlanta. See video footage of the recording process at our Media Page.

July 2011
Sleepy Hollows produces and records title soundtrack to new Fade Away app. With Fade Away you control the life span of your sent and received text messages on your smart phone. Visit for more details and too hear and download the soundtrack.

May 2011
Sleepy celebrates the 1 year anniversary of “The Declaration of Independents” – do the same with your FREE DOWNLOAD.

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